Well, it's not hard to make the front page of our local town paper, but Christiana still made it :)

Over the weekend we all went to the our annual parish Harvest Festival. 

The kids brought their hard earned quarters stuffed into their pockets, I brought my camera without the memory card, and we left happy, sticky, thoroughly sugared and full of stories. 

Nicholas won a pack of M&Ms in Plinko.

Christian could not believe she rode the Ferris Wheel all by herself. 

Avila tried to undress herself several times during the evening (succeeding twice in taking her shirt off). She also walked underneath and behind all the playing tables, helped herself to buckets of prize candy she didn't win, and was too nervous to ride any of the rides. 

They will never forget it, and made sure to ask it me if the Harvest Festival would be there again next year and forever. 

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