Knock, Knock

Colored Eggs....The game goes: 

Wolf: "Knock, Knock" 
Kids: "Whose There?" 
W:" The big bad wolf." 
K: "What do you want?" 
W: "Colored Eggs" 
K: "What color?" 

 At the start of the game, the mother hen whispers a different color to each child. If the wolf picks their color they have to run to a certain distance and make it back home safe, if not, they are "eaten" by the wolf. 

 My mom made up the game and it has been a classic in our household ever since. 

 It's the favorite game of the week. 

 Avila designated herself as the wolf last night.

I do dress my children. Recently, they have been requesting to go shirtless. Who knows why; Avila always takes it to the next level.


Anonymous said...

oh wow. please more videos like this!!

- Mammy

Margaret B said...

you're mom made up this game?! haha we played this game so many times growing up and I had no idea Aunt Jessie was the creator!