One Year Later

Introducing our newest family member: Julia Mercedes
 Born on August 5th, 2014 at 9:32p.m.
 Weighing 7lbs. 140z and 21 inches long.
 Labor from start to finish: 4 hours.
 She came into this world with barely a cry out of the womb.
 We fell head over heels, it happens every time.

 This is post epidural. Andrew and I chatted with the nurses and doctor for about an hour. And then after that it was full steam ahead.

 I always bring my crucifix with me to the hospital. It serves as a visual reminder that "unless a seed falls to the ground and dies, it cannot bear fruit." The "death" would come after delivery ;) but that's another story.

The staff quickly scrambled to get things ready because they were all caught off guard with how fast she came. I kept looking at the little baby crib, almost couldn't believe there would soon be a little person in there.

I am in awe of our God. I can not imagine what he is like, but for an instant I get to hold a piece of Heaven and I get a small glimpse of him when I hold that new life in my arms so completely perfect and invoking all my amazement.


Amy Salisbury said...

CongrAtulations Maria and family! She's beautiful!

Maria said...

Thank you Amy!! :)