Teacher Treats: Gourmet Pretzels

I know most of the teachers personally in our small school and the countless, thankless hours they put in every year, as do many teachers.

If I have time, I love giving our grade school teachers, and principal and staff, "Back to School" Treats. But you could also easily do them for Christmas treats. 

These were so easy and quick and SOOOO good. These also doubled as thank you gifts for the Hospital Staff after I had Julia. 

                                      Melt. Dip. Roll. Done. Who can't do that? 

1. Melt 

2. Dip

3. Roll

4. Done, Cool. 

It makes a big batch good for gifting in bigger quantities, or for keeping a stash for personal indulging ;)

I then bagged and ribboned. The gift tag line: "Here's to starting off  the school year on the sweet side"  Love from, _______

In these tags I cut 8x10 size paper from brown paper roll and fed it through my printer. I just made a circle text in Word and printed off about 10 at a time. It would be easier with a circle punch, but didn't have so used good ole fashioned scissors. 

Cellophane bags and raffia purchased here


1 (14 oz) package of caramels
1 Tbs. Water 
1 Bag Pretzel Rods 
1/2 pack of semi-sweet mini chocolate chips
1/2 pack of toffee pieces 

Line 2 baking sheets with wax paper. 

Pour and mix chocolate chips and toffee pieces into a shallow baking pan.

Microwave caramels in a bowl with water for 1 minute. Take out and stir. Heat another minute. Stir. 

Dip pretzels into caramel and roll into chocolate chip mixture. 

Cool on baking sheets and chill in fridge or let cool on counter. 

They look gourmet and taste amazing!

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