Crunch Crunch

I knew it was coming...the stomach flew. Nicholas woke up in the middle of the night last night with it. Luckily I think it is a light version. He has been taking naps all day long. At about 5p.m. this evening he was munching on a rice cake and decided to lay down. He fell asleep with it in his mouth. About 40 minutes later, Andrew and I were eating a quiet dinner when we heard some crunching going on in the family room. He was still laying on the floor, his back toward us, and all we heard was munching. Apparently he woke up and just finished where he left off.

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Katherine Ehrhardt said...

Hey Maria! What a cute story. You inspired me to start a blog too...so I set one up like 4 months ago...and haven't seen it since. dang! So when are you due? This month? Ava will be 2 in July and we are due with baby #2 in June! Yippee! You all are such a beautiful family and I hope we see each other soon somehow!