Happiest Christmas

We actually made it to Christmas Eve Mass. I rested all day so I could make it. It was beautiful to celebrate Christ's birth who loves us so irrationally that he would leave his Heavenly home to suffer in flesh to save us. I could understand his love a small splinter more by holding Christiana and loving her tremendously just for her own sake.

After Mass we had a Christmas Eve party over at the Niewald house with everyone home. There was food, wrapping paper, and children everywhere - a holly jolly Christmas.

Christmas morning we woke up and opened presents with Hilary and Tim. Nicholas loved his presents and was content to play with his toys all morning; he got puzzles, blocks, farm animals, and a xylaphone. We had a swell Christmas breakfast, long afternoon naps, and later, a big Christmas dinner with all the cousins and aunts and uncles.

Andrew and I couldn't be happier. It is always the simple things in life that bring about great joy. We watched Nicholas play with his toys, his little hands, his happy little self bopping around...holding Christiana in my arms just watching her sleep, kissing her soft cheeks and smelling her newborn smooth skin. Pure and simple happiness. Thank God for all our blessings.

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