How She Arrived

The Labor and Delivery...
I was busy checking off my "Christmas Pre-Baby To-Do"list all day last Friday. I skipped the nap to do some Holiday baking and cleaning. By the time Andrew came home at 5:30 I plopped on the couch to give my back a break. I suddenly had 3 contrations in a row. I thought, " Well three in a row is good - at least things are starting to get ready. I'm sure it's because I've been on my feet all afternoon and they'll let up in a little while". I was in denial. It was December 20th and my due date was not until December 28th. Apart from that, Nicholas came two days after his due date so I couldn't possibly go this early. I had all along dreamed to go in early though and have enough time before Christmas so I could arrive home just before Christmas with a new little baby. God heard my prayer. The contractions came every 5-8 mintutes all night. I still thought they'd stop so we went to the high school basketball game,came home, I wrapped some Christmas presents, packed a bag for Nicholas "just in case" and went to bed. I think I may have got about 20 minutes of sleep before I was waking up to stronger contractions and ones closer together. I still thought it was bizzarre, but I started to get a little nervous and anxious so I told Andrew we should go to the Hospital. We called Mechie over and left. We arrived to the hosiptal at 12:30 am. and by 6:04 a.m. Christiana Marie was born, all 6lbs. 10 1/2 oz. of her. We both were shocked and fell immediately in love.

After Birth...
Andrew went home to sleep for a few hours and then came back with a dozen roses, what a husband! He couldn't wait to bring Nicholas up to the hospital to see his new baby sister. He was so gentle with her, but was way more excited with the big pink balloon in the room. We had many other visitors that day, Mechie and the girls brought more roses so the room smelled wonderful. Another friend in town had her baby the same day so we got to visit for a bit their family as well.

A neat custom the local hospital does here is provide a steak dinner on your last night's stay. They wheeled into the room a circle table with red table cloth, candles, and sparkling grape juice ; ). It was such a kind gesture and awesome way to celebrate a new baby birth. Right before we sat down to eat, a large family was caroling to patients in the hospital. They came to our room and sang Silent Night and some other songs to us, and it was simply beautiful to listen to. It definitely captured the moment and so fitting for Christiana's Christmas birth.

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