All these little Somethings mean a great deal of Everything

I'm finding myself lying in bed at night looking forward to getting Pudding up each morning to play with her and squish her all day or to have a conversation with Nicholas about his trains or his trains and maybe about what he wants for lunch.

It's all these little things we do each day: dancing, playing with couch cushions, coloring, reading, maybe running an errand or two, our routine for bath time or nap time and each "little something" that mean everything to me.

Some days are mundane, some are memorable....most are ordinary and I thank God I am blessed to live each one.

We think we are big stuff these days....

This is how I usually find her, one shoe on and one shoe off. She knows she just climbed the couch all by herself and is so proud of herself.

Trying for the fourth time yesterday to steal some more raisins.

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Angela Zuniga said...

hahahah ohhh my gosh - I am laughing so hard right now. She has gotten SO BIG and I had no idea she was even walking/climbing!! Woooow..