My Spring Fling

So those of you who know me, know that I'm a romantic, very sentimental, and passionate about warm weather.

I'm laughing at myself, but the "spirit so moved me" and the warm weather got to my head that I had to get my thoughts out.

So here's my spring poem:

The winter was long, dark, silent.
It encased my soul as a thick, wool blanket.

Spring has come and the sun, like a soldier fighting miles away,
comes to set everything free.

The warm rays roll over my bare skin.
My body is infused with more life.

A deep long breath of air.
It feels perfect to breath.

I feel the sensation of earth under under my toes,
thank you God for all these and Spring.


Anna said...

Maria. I have HUGE love for your poet self.

Have a great day today and if you get 3 minutes, listen to Miley-PartyintheUSA. This is ACTUALLY my favorite song. And I know you won't be able to sit still. :)

Angela Zuniga said...

MARIA.. this is so cute!! Please write more, I love it!! Let's start a book of poems/short stories that mach our photography! :) Just for fun.

Natalie Catherine said...

it was soooo nice seeing you guys this weekend! had a blast. i'm so glad i got to meet atleast one of your little ones! i put up some photos on my blog of all of us. i seriously can't handle the cuteness of all the babies together!! haha.

Natalie Catherine said...

ps. if you make a button or something for your going natural woman blog i'll put it on my sidebar.