A Tribute to Jana-Mad

I just spent five wonderful days with Jana and Madeline. I am so LUCKY to have such incredible sisters.

Part of God's plan for my life has moved me away from my family and I don't get to see their day to day life happenings, soccer games, and school plays. My heart aches sometimes when I realize I'm missing that, but I know I am where I'm meant to be, as are they.

On the other hand, it makes me cherish the time I do get to spend with them and moments like our "mini spring break" together. They have know idea how happy they make me...how great it is to share family jokes and belly laughs and nicknames.

Top Five Moments of the "Start of Summer" (because it actually reached 60 degrees in Kansas)
1. Picking you up at the train station and seeing you come out in our family famous dress up clothes (we've had them no less than 20 years and used to image we were in old days riding on trains)

2. Lunch in the Plaza in Kansas City

3. Excursion out to the country and watching the sun set (during a minor wind and dust storm)

4. Sonic drinks, bubble gum, nail polish, and bathroom paint.

5. Bowling with a bright yellow scarf and two bowlers who couldn't score past 50.

6. Late night bowls of cereal and everyone on one bed.

I love you girls so much - I'm so thankful we got to spend some time together. It means the world to me!!


Anna Liesemeyer said...

kudos to this! love it!!
will post pics soon too:)

janamarie said...

I LOVE THIS! it made me so happy, and YOU have no idea how much it meant to us that we were able to spend so much time with you :) #4 made me laugh