Returning to Earth

I realize I did not write in my little memory blog book for 3 months! It's because when warm weather comes I leave - I leave my house and I live outside. I know if I had a store tag on my body it would say "made in sunny Florida, Texas, Mexico, or where ever you find 70 degree weather".

Trying to summarize what has been happening in our busy little household for the past three months is a daunting task but I don't want to forget these happy moments so here are some of the best highlights....

Br. Joseph's Surprise Home Visit

"I pray the Rosary" event the Challenge and Conquest team members did - got over 250 people to attend on a rainy Wednesday night on the eve of May 13th.

Puddings amazingly devilish debut and Tricia and Phil's BIG FAT WEDDING!!

A couple of the many major melt downs : )

The beautiful bride to be ...

The ecstatic maid of honor : )

My old and dear friend Colleen's and college friends reunion

Nicholas' 3rd Birthday and trip to the zoo

Pudding happily attending the big party

Thomas the Train was the theme of the party - he recieved Thomas and Emily and they haven't left his little hands since - we even sleep with them in bed : )

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