As of Lately

How can the last time I entered a post be over Halloween? Is November really over? wow.

Domestication Complete.

I now know how to sew. I've been having fun learning how from an expert seamstress down the street. My first project was going to be an apron - but I picked a hard pattern and decided to start with my abc's and do something a little less daunting. So I made these...

Thanksgving placemats. I laughed out loud the whole time I ran them through the sewing machine...crack myself up that I'm actually sewing. Hopefully I can tackle other great projects.

I knew it was too quiet....

She not only managed to empty the jar of cutips and unscrew the handle on the faucet, but even tested out the water while sititng in the sink.

Atthe begining of November we had the annual Veteran's Day parade. It is so exciting for the kids. The bands and horses line up right infront of our street. Nicholas is always in awe and Christiana bounced to the band music.

It's always amusing to see the amount of tractors they can manage to put in the parade...a reminder that I live in Kansas. Where else would 1/2 of the parade "floats" be combines?


Laura and family said...

Ok, I totally laughed out loud at this post because I just ordered (well, "Aaron" ordered...) a sewing machine for Christmas!! Waht am I, 80?! I laughed so hard too, but I am determined. I may have to get tips from you.

Anonymous said...

frump in the sink- i love when you blog

The Trailovs said...

yay- the world needs more sewers! you'll have so much fun with all of the tutorials on-line. i just found the cutest one for little boy pants...how cute!