P is for...


She turns 2 today and when it comes to little girls, continues to give the SPICE in "sugar and spice and everything nice."

We are currently in the beginning stages of potty training. Her yogurt knees squeezed side by side on the toilet seat are the cutest things I've seen and make up for the many accidents...or refusals she has during the day.

I think because she hears Pudding so often the "P" constanant is used to replace most other sounds.

Word or Phrase vs. How Pudding says it:


Come on....Pum On

Cranberry Juice....Pamerry Yuce


Excuse Me (used when she is squeezing her way through you or when she burbs) Pume Me
Favorite Song: The Wheels on the Bus. ("Uh bus, mom.")
Favorite Book: Shapes and Colors, although she will say every color is purple.
Favorite Food: Yogurt
Cutest Thing She Does: Attempts to march, but only the same foot goes up everytime.

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Anonymous said...

wow ;) pud marching >>> please bring her buns to florida... you guys should totally come for Easter!