Annual Veteran's Parade

I'm sure that I get more excited about our town's Veteran's Day parade than the kids do. I love watching them watch the parade and marching bands wake up something strange inside of me. I'm just glad I don't do a full out dance in front of the town. But apparently Nicholas got the same gene and you can see him belting out a nice good march in the yard.

Each year, the bands and all the floats line up right outside in front of our house. We get up early and head outside to watch it all begin. This year the humane society, with 20 some odd dogs and two horses (ok great danes - same thing) met in front of our house as well.

We usually pre-parade tailgate at our house with coffee and doughnuts. Then, with an unusually a large crew - make our own parade downtown to watch.

The pre-parade front stoop view. The autumn morning sun is apparently very bright.

Aunt Kev

Tucked in and snug as a bug to watch the parade

Buddies Myla and Hayden

Bosco sporting his classic bulldog pup face - love it.

And I love this face.

This year Christiana was brave enough to run into the streets to vie for the candy. She was like Gus Gus getting there rather slow and late each time, but managed to hoard a few pieces.

Avila, watching everyone else eat their parade candy, thought why not try a pink button?

A personal favorite, Clydesdale horses.

Glad to know I married the right man, it seems he loves parades as much as I do.

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