With Nicholas:

Nicholas: "It's ten till 8" or "It's a quarter to 11." (Not sure where the interest in time and how to properly tell it is coming from, but I'm always amused.)

Sitting in back seat of the car in an undisclosed parking lot...

Nicholas: "That sign says Bud Light because the h is silent."

I'm unloading the dishwasher...

Nicholas:"Mom, I just really like you and Dad. And Pudding and Avila."

Me: "Nicholas, we are going to grill hamburgers tonight."

Nicholas: "Are you serious?"

Andrew: "Nicholas, is Henry your best friend?"

Nicholas: "Yeah, he's hilarious."

With Christiana:

8 .m. coming downstairs....

Me: "Good morning!"

Christiana: "Can you get me warm?"

Me: wrapp her blanket around her, carry her downstairs...

Chrstiana: "Oh thank you Thomas!" (I'm Thomas, or sometimes Percy, from Thomas the Train)

*They have not watched Thomas the Train for six months now, but the effects are clearly still lingering.*

Me: "Christiana you and Avila are going to be great friends."

Pud: "No, I'n Henry."

4 minutes later

Nicholas: " Pudding, eat your cereal."

Christiana: "No, I'n Henry."

4 mins. later (Christiana gets up to use the bathroom in the middle of every meal EVERY day)

Nicholas: "Pudding, your cereal is going to get soggy."
Pudding, from the pot, in a gruff voice: "No it's not...snapped Henry."

Pudding gently reminds us, without fail, for about month now, that she is Henry. The name change came along with very great imaginary play stage. Sometimes Henry is changed to Rio or Chick Hick. I'm usually Thomas and Dad is Rocky. She and Nicholas go about their day finding animals, trains, cars, or if everything is taken away (at the dinnertable), fingers and carry on very serious conversations.

I was reflecting on how I love hearing their little voices around the house all day long. Some very sad day, all too fast, it will be quiet in our house, so I will relish their voices and thoughts while I can.


Anna said...

Rachel and I are laughing our guts out. Your kids are awesome.

AZ said...

Hillllarious. Ahh that is the best.