Hoarders, Ugg Boots and Heaven

In today's news...Avila spit up on my Ugg boots. Really? The love story behind the Ugg boots is that I was not going to pay $100 for them - no - instead I very proudly waited 5 years after everyone else to get them - searched in July on Ebay to finally pay only $30 some odd dollars for them. They are the only things that keep my abnormally cold feet toasty. I'm trying to be frugal and understand I can not affort to buy nice things - hence ebay - and then....sigh - spit up was splattered all over them at approximately 11 a.m. this morning. And on top of that I let the yeast sit too long tring to bake bread.

I know this is a trivial matter, that I'm not wearing these boots into Heaven, but I just want to know why? Ok, I know why, but it doesn't take away my stomache ulcer. God knows how much I loathe being spit up on. I LITERALLY just told someone that it is a form of suffering for me an hour earlier, trying to incourage a friend who was having a bad day to offer it up. Coincidence? No such thing. It's All Souls Day today and I have, in good faith, God intentionally allowed this. Funny what forms suffering come in - I mean, I myself find it odd that being spit up upon could un-nerve me so much EVERY time. I'm think God is helping to detach from my love of clothes and shoes because they are slowing being ruined from over washing and stains. Death by spit-up.

I once heard of a man, who when buying a new car, would come home and put a dent in it, just to keep himself from getting too attached to material things. What a good holy man. Then there is Kim Kardashian who completely looses it when her $750K something earing is lost in the ocean. Who would waste that much money on earings?! But to some degree I spend money on something material that, in the end, is just as pointless. I don't want to turn into Kim but since I wouldn't naturally choose to detach from my goods God must kindly be helping me detach by using a fat, cute, little, pudgy baby. I can offer this up for something, it is so very painful, feeling the purge of soul is healthy.

So if you see me in my Ugg boots with one of them that has a seriously dark splatter stain - know many souls were saved by that sacrificial boot. Shoot - see how long this post is about a pair of boots? Confirmation that I was too attached.

In other news.....

Somebody is hoarding all her milk and storing it for winter....Somebody (Avila's nickname is "Somebody")

Is it unnatural for me to want to keep nursing her throughout the night just so she can keep getting plumper? Andrew keeps wondering why I haven't let her learn to sleep through the night yet and I think deep down this is why.

Heart attack...
Is it the thunder thighs, flabby knee caps, padded feet, or double chin? I can't decide.

Alert: Official new member of the pack...


Theresa said...

This post is fantastic! I love the flub!

AZ said...

Maria, when I lived in Italy I had to be extremely frugal with my money. Every euro spent was because it needed to be. I waited a few long months to purchase an item for myself that I knew I would keep in my wardrobe forever. The perfect black light jacket was found, helping me look much more European than I had been prior to the purchase. I was delighted to bring it home, and looked forward to pulling it out each year to get some good wear. Later that year, just as fall time was approaching, and planned my outfit around wearing the jacket. You know, the first cold bite that makes you want to pull out all the autumn delight. And as the story goes, I happened to de-layer at a football game as the sun was warming us up, and rushed the field only to realize my European best friend had been left behind. I never saw it again, and wanted to cry every time I thought about it. But it was simple, I liked it too much. Remember my favorite argyle and yellow sweaters I had to pass onto you, $120 later? I only wore them once before the dryer got it's big laugh. Detachment is so healthy for us.

If it makes you feel any better, boots with stains only mean you have a good life of stories to share. They've just been a little loved on! :)

Lindsay said...

Fat. She's my favorite.