Measuring Up

If I took take out Mary Poppins tape measure and measure Christiana it would read: Extremely Affectionate, Sometimes Stubborn, and Musically Inclined.

(If I were to do myself, I'm pretty sure Jane's "Often Inclined to Giggles, Doesn't Put Things Away" category would fit me. Shoot. At least I know myself.)

I love this age, they come into their personalities and start to discover the world.

At three and half years, she makes me remember the wonder that the world holds when she is curious about the vegetables growing in our garden, is a master rolly-polly collector, and needs to catch fireflies before she goes to bed.

Often she is found singing while she play with her toys, "Joy of Jesus", "Let's Go Fly a Kite", and "Whole New World" are top 3, but she will sing everything she hears.  Andrew and I love her very affectionate expressions, she loves hugging and snuggling and will burst out while playing, "Oh Jesus I love you!" or "Mom, are you happy to me?" if she senses otherwise.

A few nights ago, I found her trying with determination to push her tricycle wheels and ride. She sat on that driveway for 30 minutes going a backward and forward and finally got it. I love that about her, she keeps trying no matter what. I know I would have gotten mad, given up easily, and fumed away after 10 minutes, but her stubborn side has a wonderful side, and I see it in her will power.

Tonight, at 9p.m. she decided she wanted to get back into the pool, so she shucked her dress and galloped in - purple underwear on backwards and all. Then we ran races in the yard so we could view her tight little buns in running motion.

She doesn't know we love to watch her and that she is teaching me many great lessons.

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AZ said...

What is it about little buns in underwear? Nothing more darling, especially backwards. HAHA! I miss my little pal, and am so looking forward to more bonding time in a couple weeks!!