Sitting Still

Trying to appreciate life in simplicity. I hear so many people complain they are just "so busy" running so and so to this camp and that camp and the other kid to this game and that camp and they are "busier than ever". One acquaintance of mine confessed she tries to fill up the days with tons of activities for her 3 year old in the two days he is not in day care so that he doesn't get bored. She doesn't know what to do at home.

I guess I was raised with a different philosophy. I remember my mom telling us it was good to be bored and she would not put us in a  million activities and run us around like maniacs...ultimately I think we learned how to be creative, to learn how to play and learn how to enjoy each other. I hope I can teach those lessons to my kids at because I believe they hold great value.

Most evenings, as the sun sets we usually sit on the front porch drinking sweet tea (or wine if it's been a long day ;) and watch the kids as they ride their bikes. It takes a hour to water our newly planted bushes and garden, so they ride while we water too.

Maybe there will be summers busier than this one someday, but I am so happy to have our days completely free, filled with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, mowing and fireflies. I'll take things easy and keep breathing in all the warm summer air and make sure I thank God daily for the gift of my home, my children, and the plan he has for our life right now.

 Andrew and I took a bike ride at 10p.m. the other night through town and then decided to race home. We both took 30 minutes to catch our breath and woke up with sore quads. Now we are contemplating running a half marathon to kick us back into shape.

You will find during our summer evenings...
Christiana riding her tricycle, she just learned how to ride it! 

Avila proudly standing by herself, almost taking steps.

Nicholas practicing or playing baseball. Shocker.


KK said...

Beautiful insight Maria!! I hope to remember that there is no need for children to be "rushed" to and from activities - and that being at home is a gift!

Anna @ IHOD said...

This is why our summers seemed soooo long.
I will run that half marathon with you! ;)
Awesome post sista.

AZ said...

great snapshots! and the greatest games were always created while being "bored" - best times of our lives.

Anonymous said...

Maria, thanks for the wise words. :) I love your downtime-approach.