My "Somebody"

I first saw it coming about 3 months ago...the anticipation of your 1st birthday. It is always sureal, the fact the year could pass by so fast, and blink you are 1.

How can something seem so long ago and then like yesterday at the same time? Time is fascinating and mind boggeling. This picture seems like two years ago. We were at a friend's 30th birthday party and my contractions were getting really strong so we had to leave early. Parting shot...

Exciting to get my epidural early....if only it hadn't worked only on one side! That was fun.

I never posted pictures of Avila's birth because they were "lost" until a few months ago. Thank you Anna for taking them!

Pure Joy...life passes so fast. My little Somebody...

I remember I couldn't believe you were a girl because I was convinced for 9 months you were a boy - we even called you "Little Will".  But of course, we were instantly in awe of you.

You were born on Father's Day so I let Dad pick out your name. Of course, He went with my favorite, Avila Maria.

You knew what you were doing and ate right away...haven't changed much in that regard ;)

And now look at you! At 1 year, you still don't have any teeth and took four steps on your birthday. You blow when I say "hot" and you can sign for "please" and wave "hi"...I love watching you do this!!

You learn things quickly...you know how to scale up and down the step after I howed you how just once. You love to dance and rock when someone sings.

And you are the ultimate scavenger...you found gold fish in the pool bag and helped yourself to them. The other day I found you in a bag of fresh picked apricots.

I found this pink tutu at a garage sale and added some ribbon to it and then found matching slippers for a $1. It made for a fun 1st Birthday outfit ;)

We had a pretty free week this past week so on Monday I decided it would be fun to have a party on Wednesday. Typical impromtu fashion...it was fun to have an excuse for a creative outlet.

We decided to go with a pool party and bbq.
We made party gift bags with an aqua theme: whale goldfish, aqua pals fruit snacks, and sweedish fish were some of the goodies.

Ice Cream Cone cupcakes (my favorite birthday treat I once brought my class in 4th grade- I thought you would thoroughly appreciate them ;)

          Some of your party guests....13 kids (6 were under 1) Made for a loud and crazy party :)

 We look forward to watching you grow! Happy 1st Birthday to my Avila.


Klare Family said...

Hbd gorgeous girl.

Jenn said...

Maria, I love reading about your family! I teared up reading this post, as my almost 6 month old is growing too fast before my eyes ;). I totally agree with your statements about time....I can never grasp it! Avila is so precious and your family is beautiful! May God continue to bless you.