A Tantrum Story

It was the first t-ball game of the season. The stands were full of happy proud parents and grandparents. Their children played happily on the playground while their boys took the field. 

I sat in the front row, behind home plate. They giggled and played happily for the first 3 minutes. 

I thought this will be the summer I can actually watch the games. Avila is not the wandering one year old from last summer. 

I brought a sucker "just-in-case" Avila needs a distraction, but didn't think the hour long game would require one, after all she's almost two now.  

Why do I set myself up for inevitable disillusionment and failure? 

I gave Avila a sucker half way through, since she wanted to follow Christiana to the playground, but needed to stay with me. 

Then Christiana came back and wanted a treat, so I gave her a laffy taffy. 

Then Avila wanted Christiana's laffy taffy.

I didn't give it to her.

How dare I.  

It grew and escalated into piercing high pitch. 
Face turned purple. 
Squatty body went into full body convulsion and shaking. 
It was all out, throw to the ground, blood curdling screaming hysterical fit...for a full 5 minutes. 

And I was so fittingly behind home plate in between two full stands of people.

I had a half a thought to hold her by the feet and dunk her head first into the nearby trashcan to shake her from the fit, but resisted the idea. 

I had lots of other ideas come to mind too. 

But there was nothing that would have stopped this one. 

Thank you Avila for so wonderfully delivering me with yet another great parenting moment of humility. Especially the throw your blue sucker into my face move and the lashing of your sticky hands into my hair as you arched all the way back onto your head. An amazing performance for center stage. 

Children are a blessing. Children are a blessing. Children are a blessing. 


Danielle said...

Oh Maria...I can SO relate! Kids are so humbling. I am sure you received may graces that day!

Anna @ IHOD said...

laughing hysterically, but only because miss squatty is so funny to me.

I feel your pain. I experience this on a regular basis with our emotionally imbalanced 4 year old..;)

Brittany said...

ooooooooh haha i feel ya, momma!!! something similar happened to me not too long ago with my one year old... holy moly. he didn't want to give up his "baby" cart at the grocery store. children seem to be God's way of keeping parents HUMBLE :-) the good thing is - we get some virtue out of it AND a good laugh when it is all over! WAY over. lol.

AZuniga said...

I love little miss squatty!! :) awesome story, spectacular photos!

The Fisks said...

This happened to me in Target. God bless you!!!