The Sisterhood

There are only a few in this whole big wide world that make my soul swell and soar. After Andrew, it would be my sisters and my bossom friend Anna, and her sisters.

My parents say when we all come home the amount of screaming and laughing climbs to obnoxious degrees ;)

The Reunion:

Each sister if gifted with different talents and interest. I could say I'm close with every one of my sisters and love them all, and deeply appreciate the treasures they give to me through their lives.

Tricia: I love that I have a sister to share in the intimate bond of motherhood, as it came to her quickly with 3 under 3. Tricia gives me the gift of being a visible model of courage, strength, and a steadfast heart in accepting all that God asks of her. I gawk at her car and home as they are perfectly organized. Her hidden talents: mad good sewing skills.

Angela: Our sister relationship has grown so much closer now that we are older. 

Angela brings life, loud and loving, wherever she goes. 

I admire the great leaps and bounds she will go to for those she family members or even complete strangers. 

She will travel cross country to experience adventure and ends up in crazy places. I love living through her vicariously. 

Of the many talents Angela was given, she has a special gift of sensitivity. She is able to perceive the unspoken needs of others and her giant heart always responds with serving. 

Jana: Jane and I are of the same mold. Our hearts gravitate to the same things, like cooking and coffee and crafts and card making. 

I love when she's home, because no one else loves to discuss family meal menus and recipes like we do.

Jana's heart beats with an extra beat, she is a GIVER, two full years of mission work is a small proof of her nature. 

Anna: Being closest in age, we shared a bedroom, birthdays, and our childhood side by side. Little things like staying up giggling in bed to big life moments of First Communion, Confirmation, going to camp far away from home in Rhode Island , Going to Rome, Italy in high school...Anna and I did it all together. 

Anna's blog IS Anna: colorful, clever, and a good eye for all things girls love. She so beautifully and creatively uses her talents to provide for her family and witness to her faith. 

Anna has been making me laugh hard since I was two. Very few would know she can imitate and impersonate people like none other. 

Madeline was missing...But the fact she wasn't there speaks miles. Incredibly responsible, she stayed to sing in Notre Dame's choir for graduation. We really missed her....and her contagious laugh.

It is hard for us to be all together now that we are all over the US so a sister weekend in Nashville was a good solution. 

There was lots of good catch up time!

A stowaway...we pinched and squeezed all weekend long. He was too good to be true.

You know you are back home south when they serve fried catfish and biscuits and sweet tea! Happiness. 


All of my sisters share a crazy love for dancing...it runs deep,  there's always a rhythm and beat inside that is waiting to be let out.  

When we are all together, I'm home, thank God for siblings, I have 7 other sister soul mates. 


Laura said...

Love you guys- you are all so inspiring and beautiful. It was great to see you all together and so happy! THanks for letting me crash the party ;)

Danielle said...

Maria, I love this blog post! I love how you pointed out the different gifts of each sister. You can tell by the pictures what a good time you had together. It is the same when my sisters and I get together.