Paleo Diaries: Blunders and Bests

Blunder Numero Uno:

Thought I was getting "raw" honey..... but I got what appears to be a bees wax candle. It's hard as a rock and not sure how I can use it. I am pretty sure I got the wrong thing.

update: I stand corrected. My paleo expert friend just informed me I have to submerge in hot water and then dip the top "comb" part into the liquid honey and will stay in liquid form for ever and ever. 

Who knew? Not me. I wonder how many other people send their raw honey back? 

Blunder Numero Dos: 

Coconut Milk - A big fat case of it - UNsweetened. I've been drinking rice milk and almond milk for years...but I can't hardly get a cup of this down. Darn. I wonder if the sweetened version will fare better.

STILL LOOKING for a coffee creamer.  Almond Milk seems to overtake the flavor of the coffee, which I drink ceremoniously every morning with great delight and not for the caffeine.

Fasting from it's daily pleasure this month. 

Really Good Finds: 

I am a dip and chip person. So not have something I can crunch and dip into salsa, avacodo or egg salad is a texture conundrum... 

This is the best almond butter I've tried. Closest thing to peanut butter so far! Sweet and smooth...very impressed.  

Worcestershire Sauce and Soy Sauce Replacement and a great bbq sauce...no sugars! 

All of these were ordered through Amazon so I get them in two days...sigh of relief in the cooking department.


Laura said...

We use Bragg's aminos too and love them. Do you have the cookbook by Everyday Paleo? It will help so much. There's a 30 day meal plan and menu in there, grocery list included, etc. Recipes and snacks for every day. So far we have liked probably 90% of what has been made and even the kids will eat most of it. It has helped me a ton... just thought I'd pass it on to you!

p.S. Got to visit w/Rachel & Patrick last weekend- what an awesome couple. You have a great family and extended family!

Maria said...

Laura! Thank you. Yes, a friend let me borrow and look and I got a ton of recipes from there and it helped tremendously. So great to hear from you!

Cynthia said...

Maria, I promise not to comment on each and every paleo post like I know what I'm talking about (because I don't!)

But...this is another site I like that tackles the "coffee creamer" situation. My sister and I like to drink our coffee this way....or opt for the more primal way of heavy cream ;)

Ok done. Promise!

Cynthia said...

Whoops. Website needed:


chelsmi said...

Totally agree that that brand of coconut milk is terrible! Sorry you bought a whole case. Try Silk Pure Coconut instead. I have only ever tried the original and it is really good.