Paleo Granola in 2 minutes!

I accidentally discovered this and it's my new favorite breakfast go to. 

I am a big granola fan and missed having it since doing the paleo challenge. One night as Andrew was having his usual bowl of cereal I gave in and came up with this...

Despite the bird seed appearances...it's an awesome granola.

Paleo 2 Minute Granola

In your cereal bowl, toss in:

1 Handful of sliced almonds
1 Handful of chopped pecans
1 Large handful of shredded unsweetened coconut flakes
1 small handful of flaxseed meal.
1 small handful of chia seeds (I learned the fascinating facts of about them in this book. The ultra-marathon runners ate them on their 100 mile runs. Super food)
! handful of Cranberries or Raisins....or blueberries or sliced bananas.
Cinnamon - I usually give the bowl a good dusting on top
Honey - to taste

Add in milk of choice - doing paleo I did unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

Best part about this granola- so easy and very filling for breakfast.
Voila! My granola cereal fix is satisfied!

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