Letting Off Steam

I'm potty training. Ha....that came out wrong, but actually, now that I think about it, is so right. I'm am potty training. I have a great deal to learn, but mostly want to sit in a corner and cry. I didn't realize my fury and frustration could reach such levels. And then,"Surprise self, no virtue found here." Ha, another reason to pout ;).

The process started out haphazard in the first place when she began to tell me when she had to go right before leaving for Christmas vacation. So we kinda did some testing out for three weeks.

Now we are in underwear...
So far, my hands have been in urine one too many times the past three days and my floor, the toilet, the laundry and Heaven knows what else, has had a urine bath as well. Just as I think she is doing good, let down, over and over.

I do believe there is an end to this apparent madness, it's just believing that in the moment you realize you are slipping on a wet floor...and then realize it's no water spill, you have it on your shoes and you just walked all over your kitchen floor that has only been clean for 30 minutes. grit.

Sigh. Deep breath....big picture. This is my training too...moments for grace and ONLY by the grace of God will I make them so because I'm quite horrible at it.

Meanwhile...I'm going to meditate on the cuteness of her little piano legs and remind myself she won't be this miniature for long and battle it out.


Klare Family said...

You are doing great... hang in there. One day you will stop cleaning up after the pee. Which reminds me... I think I broke you in on this one. lol... remember Good Friday!? I wasn't potty trained until i was 15. bahhaaahaa!

Theresa said...

she's doing pretty good for 2. she'll get the hang of it.

Good Luck!