The Saga Continues: Crying over Cranberries

Saturday night, I mildly informed the babysitter the kids could have cranberry juice deluded with water if they needed a drink. Anna looked at me and said...cranberry juice is a diuretic...Pudding will have to go every 10 minutes.

I began to stare off into the distance...I had been giving her a diuretic drink the week I started to potty train her. Really? I won the "Dumbest Mom Move Ever" award. And all this time I was weeping over so much urine while the whole time being the instigator to her teeny little bladder going bazirk.

Well, chalk one up for the genius ; )

Meanwhile...I still gaze at this...

Week 2:


Lindsay said...

Oh, Marilla.

Klare Family said...

how cute!

you are not the dumbest mom ever goob! just don't give her coffee and cigarrettes as they too may have the same effect. ;)