The Snow Day

The big snow came! They gleefully watched dad play with the snow blower this morning and do our driveway and then our whole block.

Everyone came out to play in the snow and go sledding. Aunts and Uncles and Best Friends. Joe and Marci provided everyone with hot chai tea and Gabe and Anna picked up some sleds.

She was thouroughly stuffed into her snow gear...


Gaber kicked back, enjoying the ride back up.

Best Buds.

Marci with her bulldog pup, Bosco.

Rub a Dub Dub...Three Men in a Tub and who do you think they be?

The Butcher, the Baker, the Cadlestick Maker...

Maris and Kev joined in on the fun.

The Meltdown.

We kept our tradition of trucking to Sonic for lunch on the first "snow day." I made a trip to Heaven when I at the chili cheese tots. (prego craving).

However, I could barely peel my body out of bed after my nap though.

Fun was had by all.

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Angela Zuniga said...

Maria, what fun!!!! I'm so glad ya'll got to have a snow day... they always seem to bring out the little kid inside us. :) Great photos and beautiful memories!