Paleo: On A More Personal Note

This has opened a Pandora's box of self realizations for me. 

Andrew is amused I can think so much. But when you change a whole lifestyle....thoughts abound. 

Leave it to me to think too much....

1. How accustomed we are, especially as Americans, to be so privileged to have our pantries fully stocked, we can run to the store and food is ready and waiting. 

2. How often I take for granted opening a box of brownie mix or running to get a blizzard at DQ or on a busy day throw some chicken patties in my oven. 

3. In many poor countries I've been to, like Mexico, or all of South America, India, and China....the poor eat very simply. Rice and beans or mashed corn.  They don't eat go-gurts on a regular basis, nor can they afford grass fed organic beef and almond butter. 

I'm not saying: 
-  quick meals on a a bad or hard day is wrong, sometimes we have to access our realities and let other things take priority. 
- or feel guilty for buying healthy or guilty for eating a brownie

There are also appropriate and wonderful times to celebrate with good and delicious food if you can. 

4. But I can see how attached I am to convenience and indulging my every whim and fancy on what I feel like eating whenever I feel like eating it. 

5. It has made me take a second look at learning to be more simple in how I approach our eating habits. 

6. To be more grateful that I can put food on my table, no matter what it is. 

7. Sometimes fasting, even from good things, always gives more room for Jesus. I find so much comfort in cooking and creating, but when taken away, I find Him, for He always finds ways to get through to me.  

Like the prayer I said during lent, which I still find myself praying: 

"Father, train us in the ways of self-denial that we might awaken the hunger for Jesus that lies beneath the pleasures we seek." 

I've had to seek motivation....
Maybe I'm not motivated by loosing weight or having a better workout, but I do not have to "suffer" in vain...an end to abortion is always a good place to start. 

See how long this post is? Can you tell how much food must surround my day? 

Shoot, and it's only day 3!  

It has been such a good detachment process for me. Still learning....

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The Fisks said...

You are amazing! I love how you're using this for detachment. Prayers for you!