Paleo Diet: Day 1 and 2

Day 1
My wonderful friend Sarah invited me over and gave me some of her favorite Paleo recipes. She also sent me home with a crockpot full of Italian Beef for dinner so I wouldn't have to worry about that night. I was so excited to hear it qualified, I've made it before, (view recipe here) so we just ate it bread-less with fried sweet potatoes and salad. 

I'm so very grateful that she sacrificed a morning to help me because it took so much anxiety away. I left feeling confident.  
Fried Sweet Potatoes with Onions...becoming a staple favorite.

Day 2 

Paleo Challenge would have made so much more sense to start during lent...all the fasting and abstinence. 

On my "30 Day Challenge" Food Log sheet...it says you get 4pts. if you did the whole day 100% paleo without any cheats. 

You earn the title "Hunter, Gatherer" and relate to the primordial methods of the ancestors who hunted animals (meat) and gathered berries and seeds. 

I may have a teeny bit felt this way today.....

"Hunter Gatherer"  so appropriate. 

I feel as though I hunted and gathered for hours or what felt like all day. 

I "gathered" lots of different recipes and websites and "hunted" for rare ingredients on amazon and trips to the store and spent an unusual amount of time in the kitchen....

 I appreciate and stand in awe at the ancient will to survive. 

I know this will get easier. 

Hard Aspects: Having the munchies, but tired of nuts and fruit. Trying to decide if living a healthy life is worth it OR just loving what you eat and peacing out at 60 is ok.  

Good Aspects: Food was very good, left each meal full and satisfied, tastebuds and all. 

"Sweet" Pork chops, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Roasted Vegetables 

Day 3 
Woke up NOT feeling tired, still not feeling tired. Amazed. If there was one "ailment" I suffered from it would be fatigue. 

Marvelous Meatballs via Everydaypaleo.com, smell amazing and are in the crockpot for dinner...

Maybe I do like paleo....Jury is still out as to whether I could do this as strict post the 30 day challenge....


KK said...

The hardest thing for me about the Whole 30 was the time spent in the kitchen, wondering, planning, and the 'hunting/gathering' that went along with it! But oh my do your recipies look yummy!! How are the kids doing? I didn't have Sean or Paul do the first whole 30 with me, so that will be my next challenge....

Cynthia said...

These look great Maria! Does your family like kebabs? (sp?) With the weather warming up and the produce slowly getting better and better, these were some of my favorite paleo meals. Great for little hands to help with too (well...assemble.)

I was going to say too, maybe you have a future in this paleo-making and paleo-photographing! So many of the cookbooks I have seen haven't painted the meals in the best light. BUT I think you can change that around ;) Hope it's all going well for you!

Cynthia said...
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