Six There's Still Time For You...

It came again as it always does. 

It catches me by surprise, I go into denial, my heart hurts and swells...

 His Birthday. Darn my sentimentality.

His very own box of sugar cereal, so very exciting.

Does he know how much he holds my heart? Does he have any idea how wonderful he is to me? What a wonderful world with him in it. He had me at hello for sure.

I jokingly said while giving him a bear hug..."don't grow up, don't ever leave me!"

He replied candidly, "Mom, I have to go somewhere when I turn 18."

"Oh really? Where?", I asked.

"To Atlanta."

"Atlanta? What are you going to go there?"...this will be interesting I thought.

"yeah, Atlanta or Africa...so I can teach people about God, people who don't know him, and poor people."

Oh boy.  There are many years between now and then, but I will keep that answer in my heart ;) 

His latest passion is basketball. He plays when he gets out of bed, his entire recess (as Andrew sees him everyday), when he gets home from school, and usually before going to bed...we shoot hoops. 

After basketball, your next love would be accumulating race cars and having races with Christiana. She so willing complies to basketball games and car races. 

No matter what you do with your life Nicholas, my prayer for you each night is for your purity of heart and your final perseverance in your Catholic faith. May God watch over you and guide you in this next year of life. 

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Anna @ IHOD said...

Okay crying...
We love you Nicholas!