Starting Paleo: 30 Daysof Mental Olympics

Andrew is helping to start a CrossFit gym here in our town. Crossfit adopts the Paleo diet so he is doing the 30 day Challenge....thus I will be doing it.

We start tomorrow.

This looks harder than 40 days of Lent.

I have anxiety.

I've read two books: Nourishing Traditions and Paleo something or other...I do agree with the premise that processed foods and sugar in large quantities is harmful and counterproductive. I don't doubt I can't do it or that it wouldn't be beneficial....

I think my biggest fear/challenge is menu planning.

I just may have to start "The Paleo Diaries" as a therapeutic way to cope through recipe trial and error and taste tests of this whole thing.

A purge to my taste buds and happiness. Detachment.

I will be offering this up...their may be some conversions because of it ;)

Will keep myself posted.  Will be seeking moral support.


Jenny said...

We started our Whole30 last week, and it has been challenging (with a few slip ups) but oh so rewarding in terms of detachment from food and a decrease in craving the 'bad' stuff. You have my prayers! (The hardest day for us was day 5 so far)

Anonymous said...

Try Once A Month Mom -- she has menu plans for Paleo.

:) :)
Good luck

Maria said...

Thank you both so much! I will def. look that up and be prepared day five ;)It's good to know so many other people do this too.

KK said...

Oh Maria! That's great!! I did a Whole30 in January, and it was challenging.. I suggest NomNom Paleo's cookbook (my mom has it on her kindle and it's helped her a lot)

I also like Melissa and Dallas's website Whole9 - and I used their Whole 30 program - it helps me to know portions and menus and just basic "throw it together" meals.

Best of Luck!! I'll be praying for you!

Anonymous said...

im so impressed! i cant wait to see the box... such an exciting time for the both of you ;) see you soon! love hil

Cynthia said...

Hi Maria!

I have "dabbled" in eating paleo/primal for a while now. Christmas and pregnancy really tested my will thats for sure. My husband and I have been talking about doing the 30 day trial as well...to get more serious! Nothing to lose, right?

Meal planning (and doing so on a budget) has been more difficult, but a welcome challenge. It seems like you are such an amazing cook, I bet you will do great in this dept! Here are some websites and books (I got from the library) that have helped me:


Elana's Pantry (paleo baking) www.elanaspantry.com
Health-Bent.com (amazing recipes)
multiply delicious.com (more baking and kid friendly recipes)
Everydaypaleo.com (loved her cookbooks. She was a student of Robb Wolf too)
Marksdailyapple.com (primal founder)
The Food Lover's Kitchen...primalpalate.com (love this one too!)


Everyday Paleo by Sarah Frogoso (she actually has about five books that are really great...including one for kids. Check them out at her website above)

Make it Paleo by Bill Stayley anf Hayley Mason


Whew! Ok. that was a long comment from a total stranger :) Prayers for you. It is hard, but then again, it doesn't have to be a jail sentence! I am trying to convince myself...and my family of this :) I think its great you are going for it!

Maria said...

Thanks so much guys for the support and prayers and taking time to list what was helpful to you. This helps tremendously.